Saturday, 18 February 2012

12 Is the magic number for this meme

I’ve been tagged by the lovely @AlwaysARedhead in this meme of 12 things.
Here are the rules you need to stick to. But I promise it will be worth it(I hope!)

1) You must post the rules
2) Post 12 fun facts about yourself in the blog post
3) Answer the questions the tagger has set for you in their post and then create 12 new questions for the fellow bloggers you plan to tag
4) Tag 12 people and link to them on your blog
5) Let them know you tagged them

12 Fun Facts about me:

1. I've had more childhood injuries than you can shake a stick at, as the only girl in amongst many brothers, I had to keep my end up by proving I could do whatever they did. Consequently I have had one broken wrist, 2 wry necks (had to wear a collar for a month each time) one big cut to the leg and the scar to prove it, two concussions and one broken nose. I still have the banter with the boys but have since grown out of climbing apple trees and nicking all the fruit.

2. I'm really good at doing accents, my favourites include cockney, manc and scouse.

3. I can dance me, give me an empty dance floor, a pair of heels and a bit of funk and I can get down like nobodies business.

4. The first things I'm attracted to in a man are, his teeth, smile, laugh and smell. In that order. And obviously not if he has bad teeth or smells funny.

5. Things that irritate me: Rudeness, especially when people don't say thank you for small courtesies. People passing judgement without ascertaining the facts first/forcing their own conditions on other people. People who talk really slowly and don't finish sentences properly.

6. Things that make me smile: My fella. Memories of my dog marnie racing round and round the field on her walk, she's old now and can't do that anymore. Sunshine. Baileys and ice. Real log fires. Ska music/soul music. Love. Humour. Freshly painted toenails. People smiling at you in the street for no reason other than to smile. The little things.

7. I don't cry very often but when I do it's usually because i'm pre menstrual/poorly/watching some horrible feature on animal abuse/funerals.

8. I'm a loyal friend and once I've put my trust in you i'm a forever friend.

9. I have a massive, massive, massive thing for Idris Elba.

10. My previous jobs have included, Travel agent/legal secretary/shoe seller/painter and decorator and more recently Holistic Therapist and mental health support group facilitator.

11. I love olive oil but not olives.

12. My favourite parts of my body are, My smile, batty and hair.

 My 12 questions asked by AlwaysARedhead:

1. Favourite movie? Ghost (Patrick swayze was my first crush, still fancy the pants off him in dirty dancing)
2. What is the last thing you ate? Roast chicken, organic broccoli and leeks and a baked potato

3. Where was your first kiss? Honestly can't remember who with but I know I was about ten.

4. If you could be any actor, who would that be? Helena Bonham Carter, she's eccentric In a good way and a great actress.

5. Twitter or Facebook? Twitter, deffo.

6. Do you prefer camping or a 5-star hotel? I've only stayed in a 5 star once and it was so-so in my opinion. Usually go self catering cos that's how I roll. Like camping but couldn't do it all the time.

7. Your favourite sandwich? Don't do sandwiches, I'm wheat intolerant. Wouldn't mind being squished in a sandwich with Idris elba though :)

8. Would you like to travel in space? Hell no, freaky!

9. Ride in a roller coaster or watch? Watch, I'm too old for that shit now.

10. Where would you like to visit? Salzburg, Connemara in Ireland, New york,Edinburgh, Italy.

11. What is your favourite television show? Eastenders/Hustle/Luther/Come dine with me/ Panorama.

12. When is the last time you hand wrote a letter to someone? I write letters to the fella all the time, usually notes reminding him to feed the cat when I'm away, but I couldn't possibly tell you what the others say ;)

And here are my 12 questions:

1. What makes you angry and why?
2.Who was the most influential person in your childhood, good or bad?
3. Sun and sea/snow and mountains/ citybreak?
4. Who would your fantasy lover be and why?
5. Whats the first thing you would rescue from your house other than people if it were on fire?
6.When was the last time you cried?
7. Do you have any sayings or cliches that your parents always said to you when you were young that you say now?
8. When was the last time you laughed out loud?
10.Whats the best job you've ever had?
11. Grumpy or full of energy in the morning?
12. Sweet tooth or savoury?



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