Monday, 4 July 2011

Liebster Loves Lisa

Today I was given a liebster blog award by the very lovely and talented blogger, Ruby Tuesday, you can see her writing here: Ruby Tuesday. I hadn't heard of the award until today but I am very happy that she enjoys my writing enough to give me one of these bad boys! After some research, I have found that should I choose to accept, I then have to nominate three other bloggers who I think are very talented and lovely for a liebster award too. 

So here goes, my three nominations are:

1: The truly amazing Jenny sawle, who writes with brutal and unforgiving honesty about her recovery and survival of chronic sexual and emotional abuse. Her writing is extremely evocative, her use of poetry is always relevant and profound and her artwork is quite simply breathtaking..heres to you jenny! You can read her blog here:  Jenny sawle

2: The talented and always witty miss jo jam jar. Her writing is so visual and succint, it always says so much in the space of just one sentence. Her ability to create engaging dialogue with herself on the page is quite unusual and rare. I don't think she knows how amazing her work is actually, so we can all tell her here! And you can read her work here: 3am Wisdom

3: This is a blog that i read from time to time and always marvel at how honest and thought provoking her writing about pregnancy and birth is: Adele jarrett Kerr. You can read her work here: Circus queen

Happy reading folks!


Ruby Tuesday said...

three? whoops. Seems I should do some research next time! x

Anonymous said...

Awwww thanks lovely! I feel that I may be nearly guilty enough to write something new! Thanks for the encouragement! xx

Doria said...

Congrats lady! :)

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