Friday, 1 July 2011

In honour of my birthday

In honour of my birthday I have decided to write a little post about my last year, a reflection of sorts really. I was very spoilt this morning by the hubby, breakfast in bed and lovely gifts......I'm feeling the birthday love!
So here goes, a little birthday note to myself:

1.You can be very proud of all the work you put in for your counselling course and passing your exams. You handled the group work well and kudos to you for smiling sweetly when one group member described you as 'stand offish' during perception work. You've come a long way, once upon a time you would've made her a tea with that gone off milk!

2.When your dads long lost sister turned up out the blue and tried to pump you for information on Facebook and stir up trouble, you should've listened to your instincts and told her where to go from the off. You live and learn though, and besides at least you can be content in the fact that you don't need to know any of his family history to understand him. There are no missing links, dad is who he is.

3.You and the hubby shouldn't have gone out at midnight for those kebabs in London. If you'd stayed put the car wouldn't have been vandalised in that dodgy car park. Moral of the a proper dinner before bed!

4.Never ever eat two bars of dairy milk, the huge ones, during a period and nothing else expecting to feel well, you will be very very sick. time you go on a road trip with davo, don't turn on his hobby cb radio when passing through Birmingham. You will only engage with Jeremy Kyle fans who want to tell you all about why their wives buggered off and how many cans of tenants they've got in. You are not to counsel people without getting paid for it ;)

6. When the child pipes up and reveals intimate details of your life to other people for affect, address him directly and say, 'one day you will have a girlfriend and it will be of utmost importance to you to look cool.I look forward to that day with relish *taps fingers together mr burns style- Simpsons*

7.Stop looking in the mirror naked checking to see how much arse tone you have lost, if you go to pilates, yes actually go instead of talking about it, you will tone up that pudgy backside, easy peesy.

8.Don't beat yourself up for not having an immaculate house all the time. People with immaculate houses in films always turn out to be nut cases with control issues. Besides when you have kids and your house looks like a junkyard you'll wander what you were worried about before.

9.It's a great thing that you started writing again, don't be scared of sharing that side of yourself.

10.You are loved and appreciated. You can relax now. Do all the things you want to this year,( before you turn thirty next year and start checking for lines and more arse flab every day :) ).


Doria said...

Oh the lines and arse flab. It's just not fair! I will be 30 this year and I've seen this twice today, yours and someone elses and I love the idea. Im hopeful to come up with something awesome come time for my birthday! The best thing I can tell myself when I see my messy house, it's cause I live here. I'd hate it to be all clean and lovely and I never be there. That would be the only way it would ever be neat and tidy! happy Birthday lady and enjoy!

GIrl Interrupted said...

I know! I really need to stop taking my figure for granted and get to work! Thanks for the happy birthday xx

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