Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Not in the morning love

I was locked in some type of dream, suspended between sleep and sleeplessness, when I had the strong sensation of someones eyes surveying me. I knew who's eyes they were of course, but I was too heavy with sleep to be able to open my eyes to see.

A hand on my shoulder, nudging me, "Oi wake up".  I don't want to wake up, I want to get back to my dream but the thread of it has already slithered away like a snake. "C'mon wake up", another gentle nudge. I know that sleep has now deserted me and the persistence of my impromptu wake up call will not go away, "I've got tea for you".

I prise my eyes open, reluctantly, and can make out his form. He's standing there in his boxer shorts and nothing else, though I'm grumpy to have been pulled from sleep, he does, I think, look very good. 

"Tea for you darling", he says, thrusting the steaming cup under my nose, "Let's get ready and go out, it's  a lovely day". I eye the clock suspiciously, it reads 7am. "UGHH, it's 7am on saturday morning, why can't you let me sleep in at the weekend?".

He grins, shrugs his shoulders, looks gorgeous and generally knows he can get away with this. "I'm always full of energy, I can't sit still, you now that". Yes it is true, I think, he can never lie in at the weekend. In fact he can never lie in on any day of the week and it drives me mad.

I swig at the tea, scolding my lips as i do so, he grins, I grab his wrist and pull him in for a kiss. His mouth tastes like lemons, he's already brushed his teeth. I like these morning kisses, the sort that are long and lingering, smooth as little fishes swimming through water.

I surrender to the kiss and let the sunlight streaming through the window wash over me, he tilts my chin slightly to get more of mouth in his. I love these kisses,I'm just starting to get into the flow and then "Right c'mon love drink your tea and let's get moving".

"WHAT!", I spring upright indignant, "Don't be daft, come back to bed", I say fluttering my lashes as best I can and thrusting out my chest. He says "I'm in the middle of cleaning the bathroom, you know I get irritable if I'm interrupted mid flow".

I put on my best sulky face, but I know he's right. When I first heard him say that in the early stages of our relationship I thought he was joking, but no. Many heated discussions have followed, always with me tangled in the quilt, topless and asserting my case for enjoying morning sex.

But I've since resigned myself to the fact that he is not a 'morning person', which is a shame because morning sex is, in my opinion, the most erotic. It seems that we are never horny, at the same time, ever. I like it in the morning and he doesn't because he likes to get his washing done.

 He has a habit of accosting me in the early evening when I'm trying to write. He slips his hands around my waist, bites my neck and grabs my arse like he's never seen one before, Which is lovely, but not when I'm trying to write.

So this is the pattern we have fallen into, making advances on each other at inappropriate times, trying to seduce each other away from our work, sulking and discussing the pros and cons of 'why sex is good now' in raised voices.  I can only imagine what the neighbours must think.

But I don't really care about what the neighbours think. What I really care about is having spontaneous, sensual sessions with my fella, losing track of time and coming so hard my legs shake.

Now, if only I can 'lose' that mop........

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