Thursday, 28 April 2011

Reaching the blogosphere

I've been reading up on this blogging lark and there is a lot more to it than some might think. After some research I have discovered that it isn't a simple case of writing and hoping someone somewhere reads your work and likes it. You have to promote your blog, hard, you have to make it accessible and pretty to look at, but without detracting from the written text on the page.

 You have to send pings and watch your stats, as well as think about your target audience and who will be reading it. The more readers the better right? Right, but how do you generate your blogs exposure?.

Firstly, lovely people, you have to add a followers button and a members link to your page to encourage people to follow and read you on a regular basis. My followers button is on the top right hand side of my page see? Just click it and you could follow me, clever huh?

Then you have to link like mad, include other blogs links in your posts and breaking headlines from other articles to encourage people to read you, as well as being a prolific commentator on other peoples work (this is very important apparently).

No blogger is complete without a twitter account and a facebook account, good friends to talk about your blog and a partner who specialises in I.T when things go awry.

There are blogging lists, the top 100, blogging sites which help you to meta tag, forums for bloggers, online publications asking you to write for them for free (watch that!) and companies hounding you to advertise for them on a regular basis.

I have learned more about I.T since creating this blog than I have in my whole time back in college on my journalism degree. It's exhausting and time consuming with very little reward, but if you love writing none of this matters.

If you like the blog, make this blogger happy and follow me on my page and leave comments when you like something. Have a lovely day people. G.I


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