Friday, 8 April 2011

My annual list of things to do this year.

Every year I write a list of things I would love to do, but I don't believe in new years resolutions, it's the wrong time of year to set targets, too gloomy, cold and wet. I like to wait until the spring, when the sun is out and the new buds are shooting up (not that I get to see that much of it in the city) but you get the picture. Out with the old and in with the new, call it the old hippy in me.

So after much thought here is my list of things i'd like to do this year:

  • Quit smoking, really and properly, (she says with a fag dangling from her lips) i don't want to look like an old hag when i'm 40.
  • Dedicate more time to my writing, my blog, my poetry and attending writing workshops.
  • Travel to South America at the end of the year (discussed this with the fella and we both want to do it)
  • Find a job that stimulates me in the right way and will allow me enough time to give to my writing and study commitments.
  • Find a house to rent that has a let of more then a year or so and that has a nice garden (so I can grow cucumbers).
  • Meet some creative people that I really like, ( rather than tolerate.)
  • Master my art of baking cupcakes (I am a bit of a perfectionist)
  • Buy a full lingerie set form Agent Provocateur (what the hell!)         
Reading this back I will probably beat myself around the head with this post at the end of the year, that is quite a lot of stuff to do. But I think it's achievable.

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