Thursday, 28 April 2011

Curious Cat

When I am writing I have a companion/
no it's not human, it's an animal one/
a little black kitty that sits on my desk/
I love her to bits but she can be a pest/

Standing on the keyboard so that I make errors/
clawing my cushions to get to the feathers/
her tail in my face so that I can't see/
Her head in my cup drinking my tea/

Miaowing and squeaking to get my attention/
But I cannot work with such intervention/
if I bribe her with food and make sure she's fed/
she might in a while curl up on her bed/

but her fat little belly she brings to my side/
and watches me typing with eyes open wide/
reaches her paws across both my hands/
and flops on my lap like a world weary man/

She's must think my lap is very inviting/
or maybe she wants me to write some exciting/
Adventuress story about things that i wish/
or maybe she's simply dreaming of fish/

With her little button nose and her oriental eyes/
She watches the birds circling round in the skies/
She's a cute little bundle, i'll give her that/
but I really can't work with a cat in my lap/


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